Saturday, February 16, 2008

Want Wings? 2.0

I tried a bit of an experiment.
butterflys by modparest
the fairy in her bower by kokoro
I had heard that people were "stealing" photos from etsy online shops like mine with out permission and using them to make "art" at a site called
fly with me by taintedpure
I went to the site to find tons of girls, well, playing dress up! Far from being pissed, I was intrigued. Then I thought, would they like to play with my wings?!
Woman in the moon by Citizen Kane
They did. Over 1400 of them.*
A walk by mora3
While I'm not exactly exactly popular, girls from every continent except Africa have found and used them.
if you dance with water by woodelf-luna
At the time of writing girls all over the planet have used my wings, many from countries where English is not the major language, many from cultures where what it means to be a girl is very different from mine. I was floored. Clearly, the idea of wings, the ability to fly, the liberation of flight resonates with girls of every culture.
butterfly girl by bloody black wings
And their works are astonishing, full of hope, potential, and beauty. I was not expecting this from a site devoted to fashion and all that entails. Somehow I had offered a subversive act that was still fresh, clean, joyous. I didn't know that could happen.
*I updated the figure as of 3/20/10.
lovely lady by Donna24
To the artists, I contacted all of you and got permission to use your art. Everybody that got back to me said ok. I waited a month and figured if you didn't want to you'd let me know. If you want me to take you off the post, just let me know! Thanks!