Sunday, June 30, 2013

  My New Studio

Setting up my studio again has not exactly been what I expected.  Take today for example.  I needed to go outside and stretch my legs, grabbed a can in case I found something I wanted to keep, like a pretty rock, or some wild flowers.  I live on the banks of Fall Creek that runs through Indianapolis.  There's always something interesting even though I also happen to live almost downtown. 
There's a small road behind my studio and I went back there to see if any of the wild flower seeds I'd sowed a few weeks back had came up. Not a single one, but almost hidden was a turtle snuggling headfirst under the bushes.  Ok, not even a turtle, it was a tortoise.  It was Huge!  Bigger than a football but not as big as a breadbox.  I wanted to take it back to the creek before someone hurt it, but I was a bit afraid to touch it.  Would it bite?  How fast could it move?  Would it like being found?  I got neighbor to help and, as it turns out, it was a pet of another neighbor just down the road that had been missing for two weeks. 

I know, not exactly like a deer that could dash out in front of a car, but it made me think about what it's been like to get my studio up and running.  Like that tourtise, it's not been very fast, but every day I've gotten up moved a bit further along.  My space is beautiful and it feels good to work there.  It's not often that an actual tortoise turns up out of the blue to remind me that in this world of rabbit fast media, gadgets and anxiety that someone else is going to beat you out of whatever you want to do, prove that there is a place for tortoises.  So I wanted to just warn everybody, watch out for speeding tortoises.  So busy watching out for the rabbits, those wiley over looked tortoises just might win too.