Friday, March 19, 2010

Come Make a Mess With Me!

I've had a change of plans. My company was bought out and the new company realized the preceeding company had so trashed the customer base for my line they didn't want to invest the money and time to get the business back.  I like the British explanation: I was made redundant.

I know I should be upset, but aside from the healthcare access thing, more than anything, I'm more, well, relieved. While I'm looking for another safety job (note that unemployment people--I am decidedly looking!) I'm also going to start my dream job.

Yeah The thing is, I've done a lot of really cool stuff but it's hell to put on a resume. People love my resume, want me, but there's not a spot on their organizational charts for someone like me and they want to keep their jobs . . . can you really blame them?

So, what I'm going to do is share all that cool stuff that I've done. I've had some really weird and amazing jobs:
  • Taking Miss Piggy's baby to the hairdresser and other glamorous errands that taught me where to get really cool stuff in New York, some of it that even I could afford
  • Encasing Broadway stars in cheap cloth with gobs of safety pins
  • Cut holes in, threw paint at, shredded and for all intensive purposes destroyed perfectly good clothes and got applause and payment to do it
  • Pour over tons of magazines, search fashionista color and trend services and cover big pieces of cardboard with the stuff I really liked and convinced others why they should like it too
  • Sit down with a four year old girl to help her draw her idea of a princess and make it happen for her
  • Make an evening gown in a day to take a curtain call for my work at Lincoln Center—talk about DIY fairy godmother
The thing about it is most of this I taught myself to do. The difference between the person who picks up a beautiful glossy magazine and me is that I didn’t stop at just looking and dreaming and figured out how to make it happen. I would like to share not just the skills I learned, but how to not stop at the dream and create something that gives meaning to effort thoughtfully focused.
Check out my Craft Classes at so see what I’ve cooked up this time.