Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Little Alters Anywhere

I had my first class.  It was a small, slow start, but I really enjoyed myself and the brave soul who decided to come to my class that I called "Little Alters Anywhere".  I made mine as a reminder of what I'm trying to do with my classes.

As mentioned earlier, I was laid off and consider myself in some ways unemployed.  I went to a  thing run by the NY Public Library about the stress of being unemployed long term.  I met many people unemployed for over a year.

The presenter didn't really handle the stress described by the audience and just pitched the standard job hunting techniques and was pretty un-empathic about it too.  I actually started feeling rather anxious about it all and was dismayed at tears welling up.  I tried to blink them away but as usual that didn't work.  I wondered how many others there felt the same, and it's been only a couple of months for me.

I felt even more ashamed of myself for feeling so upset compared to so many others I sat with.  Searching for a tissue I found the box I'd made earlier that day.  I was surprised by how much comfort it brought me.  It even stayed with me when I woke up this morning hopeful and ready to get to work.  I thought this class up for everyone else.  It looks like it helped me out as much as anyone I had hoped to reach.

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