Friday, June 25, 2010

Sewing Oasis Outside

I really wanted a dishwasher, but the building I was moving into only had a unit with a terrace in my price range.  I know, life should always be so difficult!  So, I've been busy making it into my outdoor room on a shoestring.  I'm lucky to have a Good Will Superstore close by.   It's been a nice reprieve from all the hours I'm putting into the computer.  Now all I need is some lemonade.  I hope to have a sewing bee out here soon.

I found an old wicker chair that I plunked down $35 for.  The quart and a half of green outdoor paint it took to seal it well cost more!   Two Coats.  It got soaked yesterday in a thrilling downpour and came out just fine.

I made this pillow from the scraps leftover from a big millinery project.  For an opera I made about 20 or so turbans in this beautiful stripe.  I couldn't throw away the pieces so I matched them to make this pillow.  I love purple and green together.
I found these white trash cans at a bargain department store for $2.50 and drilled holes in the bottom, snuck some gravel from the parking lot (please don't tell on me!)  The Hostas are from Home Depot for $6.50 and the herb and swiss chard are from the Union Square market, all together about $13.00.
I found this solar powered light at Ikea and couldn't resist.  It isn't really good for sewing but it's nice to read by on a hot evening when indoors are still a bit intense.  The table was another Good Will find for about $10.00.  I thought about painting it too but ended up just touching up the black.  I have some nice tablecloths if I want some color and this is working goodstand in for a photo display table.

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