Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Making It Work

Wish me luck!  I will be at ArtLab  this weekend to help anyone who shows up with stuff to in the infamous words of Tim Gunn:  "Make it Work!"

As a costume designer whose first costume ever was in the first or second grade a concoction I cooked up inspired by my Grandfather's copy of Mode in Costume.  I remember having a difficult time deciding between Medieval hennins, Elizabethan pointy stomachers and all that jewelery or Victorian hoop skirts.

Because I found several hula hoops, my brother's belts and a bunch of my mother's old curtains Victorian won out.  I traipsed all over the neighborhood in the get up with my Mom's strategic addition of a floor length red velvet cape trimed with a fur collar from one of her coats.  Thanks Mom!

I hope I get to help kids feel as fabulous as I did that night!

If you want to come check out the details at:

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