Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Crafted Holidays

Handmade accordion book with beautiful paper inside and
covers from found images in a simple binding technique
 even a first grader can master and make as many as they want
 from skills of making just one
Inspired by an invitation to teach some craft classes for children, I thought back to what I did when just a kid with limited funds and even books that I read at the time about special stores for children to shop at so they could surprise their parents and parents could feel easy about their children's money.  Putting the two together with a little strategic art direction as a designer, I've put together several classes intended to boost a child's investment in a class to build skills as well as make something comprable in quality and aesthetics to what they may purchase in a museum shop at 2 or 3 times the price of the class.  While intended for children, with projects for littler children and older kids too, there's plenty of room for adults or a child to make something with someone they enjoy sharing time with.  The projects pictured below led by me and many more with the other talented artists in painting, ceramics, materials from nature and more will be at ArtLab starting in November.  Check out the calendar at:  New classes are being added all the time!

Wall ready collage from found materials that any child
who can use scissors and a glue stic

Origami Boxes in decorator fabrics backed with paper that nest
or interchanging as bottom or lid from an origami fold most children
can figure out on their own from one found on the playground
 (that's how I learned it!)

Fabric Wrap Bracelet from scraps and a bit of wire
and embellished with found elements that is
deceptively simple for the wow factor that results

Treasure Bowl from collaged lace stiffened and painted.
This one is silver and for a more modern look
a cinnabar red or fresh turquoisey green would make nice choices

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