Monday, October 28, 2013


The heat didn't come on and it was cold this week.  Just making coffee on the ceramic tile floor made me run back and jump back in bed under my electric blanket.

So I made slippers.  I had a piece of faux shearling left over from the craze in the late 90's.  I wanted them to be fun too so I added a curly pointy toe.  I also wanted them to come up to keep my ankles warm and hug my feet rather than slippng off my heels with every step to make that scuff scuff scuff noise.

These are what I came up with.  I manipulated shaping into darts along the sides for a sleeker look.  I cut them out on the "suede" side using an exacto knife to not cut the fur off   I stitched darts and seams abutting edge to edge useing a wide dense but not satin stitch zig zag ending in a barstitch endpoint.  The great thing about them is they go to gether in about 10 minutes each, easy peasy!  They are everything I wanted.  Now I want to find some leather and felt or shearling to make more.

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